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Award Winners from the 2015 Ocean View Art Show:


Award Artist Medium
Best In Show Pembroke Bryant Jewelry
1st Place Tony Bijeaux Photography
2nd Place Ed Obeymeyer Acrylic
3rd Place Bill Carnes Acrylic
Honorable Mention Jeff Diener Photography
Honorable Mention Kathleen Bruce Mixed Media
Honorable Mention Erin Bonilla Photography
Honorable Mention Sheila Nash Watercolor
Best Display Pat DeHart Oil Painting
Student Choice Pam Hill Oil Painting
Members Choice Stan Tenney Watercolor



List of Artists accepted for the 2015 OV Art Show !


CBAA Artist Name Space # Medium City State
* Tracy Anderson 68 Acrylic Painting Norfolk VA
  Jan Barco 72 Leather Virginia Beach  VA
  Betty Leonard & Jan Barco 73 Clay Virginia Beach  VA
  Kameron Barnitz 4 SeaGlass Jewelry Norfolk Va
  Vic & Ellen Berg 100 Sculpture Kitty Hawk NC
* Jennie Bethel 99 Digital Art Norfolk VA
  Janet Biber 98 Glass Onley VA
* Tony Bijeaux 1 Photography Norfolk VA
  Erin Bonilla 92 Photography Suffolk VA
  Debra Brandt 93 Hand-crafted Silver Jewelry Grafton VA
  Kathleen Bruce 94 Mixed Media Chesapeake VA
  Pembroke Bryant 95 Fine Jewelry Manteo NC
  Rebecca Cano 88 Paint on Reclaimed Windows Norfolk VA
  Bill Carnes 87 Acrylic Painting New Kent VA
  Yumiko Clevenger 74 Clay Virginia Beach  VA
* Patricia DeHart 90 Oils Virginia Beach  VA
* Jeff Diener 103-104 Photography Norfolk VA
  Shauna Dineen 86 Jewelry Norfolk VA
  Julia Dressler 15 Photography Clarksville VA
  Don & Donna Drew 18 Copper Sculpture Melfa VA
  Gayle Ennis 41 Pottery Richmond VA
* Chi'Mere  Evans 22 Acrylic  Suffolk VA
  Tammie Everly 6 Jewelry (upcyled & polymer Clay) Chesapeake VA
* Marilyn Ferguson 9 Soft Pastel, Oil, Acrylic Chesapeake VA
  David Fooks 85 Photography Hellertown PA
  Marcus Fussel 101 Spray Paint Art Norfolk VA
  Patti Gallivan 84 Mixed Media (sea Glass) Buffalo NY
  Robbie  Garrity 77 Mixed Media Chesapeake VA
* Mary Haase 19 Oil Painting Norfolk VA
  Toni & Phil Haley 3 Jewelry/Metal Sculpture Hayes VA
* Barbara & Gary Hansen 42 Mixed Media  Suffolk VA
* Cindy Harrison 91 Pen & Ink, Colored Pencils, & Oils Virginia Beach  VA
  Teresa & Bobby  Hartman 106 Wrought Iron Virginia Beach  VA
  Pam  Hill 105 Oil Painting Chesapeake Va
* Dave Hinde 26 Photography Norfolk VA
* Tonya Hopson 38 Acrylic and Watercolor Painting Norfolk VA
  Tebe & Lois Horne 78 Jewelry Norfolk VA
  Sara Hunter 71 Pottery Virginia Beach  VA
  Elise Iglio 43 Photography Prince George VA
  Mitch & Laurel James 44 Wood Hatteras NC
* Brittany Johnson 12 Acrylic on canvas Virginia Beach  VA
  Heather Williams & Cathy  Keenan 45 Jewelry Virginia Beach  VA
  Al Latorre 47 Oils on canvas Virginia Beach  VA
  Matthew Leverett 64 Wood Virginia Beach  VA
  Shiroko Lifer 14 Clay, Pottery Norfolk VA
  Renée Lucas 29 Jewelry Chesapeake VA
* Karen Lyon 28 Photography Norfolk VA
  Jessamyn Manzeralla 65 Jewelry Virginia Beach  VA
  Juanita Martin 70 Jewelry, home accessories South Orange NJ
* Elizabeth Dale Mauldin 10 Acrylic Painting Norfolk VA
  Suzanne  Moore 67 Clay/porcelain Morgantown WV
* Mike Morgan 46 Pencil, Charcoal & Acrylic Virginia Beach  VA
* Marisa Mulligan 80 Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor Painting Virginia Beach  VA
* Deb Munroe 102 Mixed Media/Jewelry Chesapeake VA
  Deniz Murray 37 Oil Painting Virginia Beach  VA
  Madhuri Nag 66 Oil Painting Norfolk VA
* Sheila Nash 24 Watercolor Norfolk Va
* Ed Obermeyer 7 Acrylic Painting Virginia Beach  VA
  Edward O'Keefe 57 Photography Norfolk VA
  Jan Osborne 8 Jewelry (Kumi Himo) Chesapeake VA
  Bill Rosenbaum, James &  Andy Peskopos 56 Metal/Wood Norfolk VA
  Linda  Popper 55 Jewelry South Windsor CT
* Maureen Reardon 36 Photography Norfolk VA
  Jeanne Saxton &  Lindy Reiver 11 Jewelry Norfolk VA
* Cyndi Goetcheus Sarfan 49 Photography Kill Devil Hills NC
  Leslie Sawyer 21 Jewelry Virginia Beach  VA
* Tamara Seraph 79 Oil paint on canvas Virginia Beach  VA
  Beth & Lauren Simmons 30 Mixed Media Virginia Beach  Va
* Ashley Smith 89 Acrylic inks Virginia Beach  VA
  Tim Spurchise 51 Glass Portsmouth VA
* Paul Stevens 13 Photomedia/Mixed Media Achilles  Va
  Kristy Snyder 5 Acrylic on Reclaimed Wood Norfolk VA
  Shane Thomas 50 Print Photography Norfolk VA
* Susanna Forsythe Walsh 58 Photography Norfolk VA
  Samantha Watson 34 Jewelry Norfolk VA
  Chris  White 54 Wood burning & carving Virginia Beach  VA
  Jay  White 75 Jewelry Gloucester VA
  Bill  Whitlow 63 Photography Virginia Beach  VA
  Todd & Tonya Williams-Cairns 20 Photography Suffolk VA
* Art Wolz 76 Wood carvings & Paintings Gloucester VA
  Dean  Zimmermann 35 Leather Norfolk VA
  Barbara Zuniga-Johnson 2 Acrylic on Refurbished Wood Virginia Beach  VA



"X" indicates the person is a member of Chesapeake Bay Art Association

"MT" indicates the Members Tent


Student Tent Winners from 2015:

     First Place - David Lestner - Mixed Media Drawing
     Second Place - Ruth Phillips - Non-objective Painting

     Third Place - Ian Edwards - Upcycled Sculpture
    Honorable Mention - Shaniya Scruggs - Beaded Painting

     Honorable Mention - Mara Mumejian - Photography

    Award of Merit - Victoria Jensen - Ink Mixed Media

     Award of Merit - Elisha Gashmius, Colored Pencil, Watercolor

     Award of Merit - Ellen Hendrickson, Photography

     Award of Merit - Bryce Cobb, Pastel

     Award of Merit - Samantha Dickey, Photography