2014 Ocean View Music Festival. We expect many of these acts to return in 2015

10:00 AM Benjamin Harris
11:00 AM Jake McCoy
12:00 Noon Brent Hall & The Lonesome Train Thieves
1:00 PM Brightly Road Band
2:00 PM Mama Kim and the Gurus
3:00 PM 327 South
4:00 PM The Bill Miles Band

10:00 AM E RIV PERLZ (Elizabeth River Pearls)
11:00 AM Gratiot Lake Rd. Band
12:00 Noon VIR
1:00 PM Colin McGlynn (with John McGlynn)
1:30 PM Nadira Serenity Tribal (Dance)
2:00 PM The Blue Notes
3:00 PM Morgan Miller
4:00 PM Robin Jester Wootten